Moving to NYC is NOT What You Think It Is

Since moving to NYC there’s a couple of thoughts or ideas that easily got confounded. 

Here’s a list of things people told me about NYC that aren’t really true.

1. Rent is astronomically expensive.

– While this may be true in Manhattan, it’s actually quite easy to find a reasonable room in NYC if you take time to do a bit of research . For instance, you could get a room in Astoria, Queens for $600 a month. The area is nice, safe, and clean, and it’s only 35-40 minutes to downtown Manhattan. Likewise, I know a girl who lives in Chinatown and pays $600 a month. It’s not luxury by any means but at least you’re smack dab in the middle of Manhattan. 

2. New Yorkers are unfriendly. 

– Coming from Texas, where everyone carries the southern charm, I was surprised to see how friendly New Yorkers actually are. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are going to be some weird, creepy people from time to time but what city doesn’t? I think a lot of people get NYC wrong because everyone is just so uptight and focused on what they have to do that they appear to be very tense. People just mind their business here and that’s it. Meanwhile, if you ask for directions, talk to people on the subway, or just meet people in the park, you’ll actually come to learn that they’re quite as friendly as people from the south. 

3. The cost of living is outrageous. 

– I think this statement is a bit misleading. First, you don’t need a car in NYC which eliminates a huge chunk of your monthly expenses like gas, car maintenance, and car payments. All you need to pay for is a metro card and occasional cab rides. Second, rent and utilities are pretty manageable. Depending on where you want to say, it won’t be insanely expensive. And last – food. I have to admit, food is probably the single expense that is more expensive than anywhere else I’ve been to in the U.S. with the exception of San Francisco. A decent meal in NYC will set you back around $10 – $15. You could get some food from food trucks like Gyros and Chicken Over Rice for $5 but over time, it gets pretty old. 

To be continued…


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