I graduated in May 2012 with a degree in economics from the University of Texas at Austin. Dazed and confused, I decided to move to New York city to try something new. As of this writing, I’ve only been here 2 weeks but I am loving every minute. I created this blog not just to document my life as I try to achieve goals in money, relationships, and travel, but also as a way to inspire people. It’s not easy accomplishing things and have people look up to you but why not try right?

Interesting things about me and this blog:

1. I’m really bad with computer stuff – coding, designing, programming. I hate all of that.

2. I’m an entrepreneur and I always will be. It’s about time you start working for yourself and not for someone else’s fate.

3. I’m an athlete. Soccer, Swimming, Running, Cycling. You name it, I’ll play it.

4. I’m a health nut but I cheat on weekends.

5. I’m all about enjoying life to the fullest.

6. I intend to make a TON of money, but I won’t sacrifice my life for it. Balance is very important.

7. I like men’s fashion.

8. I’m just going to write on this blog with very little marketing and see what happens – a true social experiment.

Photo courtesy of itsmoh.tumblr.com


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  1. Really like this one šŸ™‚ Could copy that for me and it would pretty much fit šŸ™‚

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