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The 80-20 Principle Revisited

It’s been a great few days. My theory works. The shock and awe idea that I originally theorized from a previous blog post actually works. I knew this day would come; it was only a matter of time. I recently received an offer to work as an intern for Offerpop, a New York City based start-up. Offerpop is a software-as-a-service company that provides marketers and brand managers an easy to use platform to create campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. In addition to that, I also received a temp offer to work for a proxy firm    in Midtown Manhattan. Things have finally been falling into place and I’m really glad that my hard work is starting to pay off. Allow me to tell my story. 

Shock and Awe

The first step for me, was to research a bunch of web 2.0 media companies in NYC. There’s a lot of them here in NYC. New York really has fast growing tech talent pool and I’m sure this is just the beginning. After all, NYC is a hub for finance, fashion, and media. After doing my research and looking up companies that I feel like I was going to be a good fit for, I looked up their addresses. Offerpop is one of those companies. Using my Shock and Awe theory, I decided to take things to differently. I talked about how I created a cover letter using Power Point, and that worked like magic. This time, I decided to literally walk up to the office of the start-up of my choosing and speak to whoever is in charge. At the very least, my goal is just to drop off my resumé. But of course, I would at least like to speak to people who are in charge and introduce myself as a qualified and sharp candidate.

The very first office that I walked into was Offerpop. I came up to the office manager, Nicole, and handed my resumé. I told her that I’m really interested in the company and would like to be considered for the biz dev position. 10 minutes after introducing myself, I was having a conversation with the head recruiter and was arranging a meeting for an interview. Unfortunately, the biz dev position was not open anymore but luckily, they still had an internship position open. Internships are great feeders into the position that you desire. It’s very simple really, do an awesome job as an intern, as if you’re getting paid, and make damn sure that they would regret not having you on board. That’s the next step as I just got confirmation that I got the position for the Business Development Internship. The position is unpaid but like what I’ve said, I’m more than willing to work for free in order to prove myself worthy. You see, internships are great ways to really stand out. Since the position is unpaid, your supervisors don’t really have high expectations regarding your performance. And that’s exactly why you should work harder, smarter, and more enthusiastic than everyone else. Like Zappos, you want to under promise but over deliver. That’s the goal and I’m certainly making my way there. 

To be Continued

Part 3 of this post will be continued as soon as the internship concludes, which should be by the end of October or mid November. Right now, I’m keeping myself busy by working part-time doing other gigs that bring in some money. Apart from all the things that I’ve said, there’s only 3 things that I want you to remember at the end. 

1. Research and qualify prospective companies where you will fit in well and companies that would consider you as an asset. Look for companies that you’re really interested and passionate about.

2. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, use guerrilla marketing tactics. Use the shock and awe principle. Remember, the first impression is the most important. Don’t mess it up! Be creative and think of ways to stand out as a candidate the moment you introduce yourself. 

3. Show your passion, hunger, and ambition. Nothing is more appealing than a person who is passionate. Your passion will get you through, no doubt about it. If you’re really passionate, it will show. 

I’d love to help out in anyway possible. I’m no expert, but I’ve gotten results. If you think there’s something I can help you out with, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 



My Take on the College Experience

College is incredibly fun. Not only that, but it’s also a time to find yourself. I remember just graduating from high school and feeling like a lost duck out in the pond. When I got to college, I was still looking for direction. I mean, I knew what I wanted in life, I just wasn’t too clear on what path I would be willing to take on how to get there.

Recently, there’s been a lot of controversy regarding the sky rocketing student debt situation. A lot of people, college graduates especially, have been feeling disgruntled about the education they have received.

I’m not here to talk about the trade-offs of going to college vs. not going. I’m here simply to give my personal insights about what I think about higher education. What it’s really like from the perspective of an actual student and what it’s like getting out of college, often times with debts that make you feel like a walking junk bond. I want high school students and current college students to read this article and really evaluate their stay in school.

Numbers Matter 

The truth is, the most difficult courses are often the ones that get jobs the fastest. In my experience, the majors that received instant job offers were Finance, Marketing, any Engineering course, and Accounting. What do all of these majors have in common? They’re all math based. Almost all of my friends who graduated with degrees from these fields got job offers before even graduating. Granted, though, that I went to UT Austin where the business school is top 10 in the nation, the engineering is top 5 in the nation, and the accounting program is ranked no.1 in the country. But looking at the facts, these degrees are also the most in demand degrees, perhaps because of their relative difficulty with respect to non-math based courses. My point is, if you want an offer before you graduate, major in one of these courses.

Decide What You Want

College is a time to find yourself. Yes that’s true, but time is ticking. The moment you start your freshman year, try to find the right degree for you and don’t waste any more time. Delaying this will cost you. As soon as you find something that’s right for you, stick with it. Changing degrees will brand you as a shifter, someone who just changes courses left and right. You don’t want to be a shifter.

Internships are Vital

Every summer, make damn sure that if you are:

A.) Taking summer classes

B.) Studying abroad

C.) Doing internships/valuable work  experience

Sorry to say but if you want to get ahead of the curve, you’re not going to have a ton of time basking away in the summer sun every year. We all have to make sacrifices and this is part of it. It’s not as bad as it sounds though. One summer, I spent 1 month doing an internship, another month traveling in Spain, and the last month just preparing for the school year ahead and having a good time.

Make sure you spend your summers wisely. Any menial, pointless job like waiting tables or cash registering are all a waste of time. And besides, you could so do better than that.

A Word of Advice

Above all, have fun. College won’t be college without all the parties, football games, friends, dinners, festivals etc. Remind yourself that the reason that you’re in college is because you need to study, get good grades, and land the career you want. Anything else is secondary, but essential. I say this because we’re all social beings. We need the love and affection that our friends can give us. Make sure you join different organizations – fraternities, sororities, football club, math club, whatever. Just make sure you’re part of a group where you feel welcomed and supported. Your college friends will be your network for the rest of your life, so choose and qualify wisely. And last but not least, you have 4 amazing years to prepare for a brutal and cruel world out there. Don’t take it for granted and use your time wisely.

College graduation is bittersweet, it’s like realizing that Santa Claus was never real when you were a child. Amazing things in life expire.